Can you believe that Polish schools teach that condoms are cancerous and sperm is blessed? If this fact sounds shocks you, let me intrduce MamyGłos to you. It’s the first feminist organization for teenagers in my country ever. We empower girls to stand up for their rights and against sexism. We want each girl to feel safe at home, at school, on the street and in her own body.
We are six and four of us are teenagers. We started small but after 1,5 year we are surrounded by 21 teenage activists in six cities. Together, we brought workshops in self-defence, activism and law literacy to over 450 teenage girls! We also organized lotteries which funded year’s supply of pads for 63 girls from underprivileged backgrounds. Consensual decision-making, equality and empowerment constitute the basis of our work. 
We say NO to BS. Lack of sex ed at schools? We train teenage educators who run workshops among their peers. Noone knows amazing women? We crodwfund and publish a coloring book featuring 30 badass women and it goes international, soon published in Bulgaria. 
And now we are bringing HELL YEAH pads: biodegradable, affordable sanitary pads which remind girls every month that period is not shameful and you and your body deserve respect. Moreover, each pack will further fund girls’ empowerment. 
In a country where every second day a woman is murdered by her intimate partner, we need girls to be strong and confident. Help us tell them that girlpower is her superpower!