Aurat Raaj


Founder Profile

Saba Khalid is a journalist, blogger and activist from Karachi, Pakistan. Over the past 5 years, Saba has contributed to numerous international magazines, such as Rolling Stone Germany, and currently, writes across a variety of digital media outlets. She expresses her passion for the rights, protection and empowerment of Pakistani women by writing on taboo topics like sexual violence, gender inequality and sexual education.


About aurat raaj

Aurat Raaj is a digital platform that uses the power of animation and artificial intelligence to end gender violence and harassment against Pakistani women. Their animated webseries Raaji (see video below) touches upon taboo topics such as honor killings, forced marriages, child sexual abuse, and menstruation.

The chatbot aims to answer girl’s most pressing questions about their reproductive health and connect girls in need to our trusted partner network of therapists, shelters, NGOs, doctors and lawyers.

Aurat Raaj also believes in offline activism for the rights of girls and women in Pakistan. They run regular self-defense workshops and empowerment camps in Karachi. Their articles and videos about inspiring female role models from local communities have gone viral.   

Aurat Raaj has been incubated at The Nest i/o in Karachi, is part of the IBM Global Startup Entrepreneur program, has been a finalist in She Loves Tech 2017, won pitch night at The DO School. Its series Raaji has been sponsored by The Pollination Project and UNICEF.  

Please click on the link below to access Aurat Raaj’s pitch deck.