Akaliko Books

founder profile

Graduated in Marketing and Media Communications, Khan is also a music producer involved in the development of the electronic music scene in Dhaka. He gained experience by participating in several music projects. He also founded two successful artist platforms and currently contributes to four international portals focused on music and culture to promote local and regional artists.

about akaliko books

Akaliko Books is an offshoot of Akaliko Records from Dhaka with extensive grassroots level experience in developing new artists and music content. The word “Akaliko” means timelessness and we plan to produce content that will stand the test of time. We want to bring our skillsets and experience of over 5 years to develop our new venture.

Akaliko Books aims to become the leading publisher and distributor of digital content in the Bengali language spoken by more than 320 million people, who are the third largest ethnic group after the Han Chinese and Arab population. 

We believe in audiobooks because of Bengali ethnic culture consists of oral traditions like Puthi, Baul culture, children’s folklore and literature in general. Bengalis also have a deeper and special attachment to their language as they had to fight for it to speak it in 1952, which later was the basis of UN International Mother Language Day.

Our expert sound professionals at a very low cost and address the challenges of inadequate quality audio content available and contribute to improving the quality of education for this region with the relevant content strategy which will be both entertaining and help unlock human potential.  

We have identified 4 target groups for our audiobooks. 
1. Children
2. Senior citizens
3. Bengali diaspora
4. Visually impaired population

We plan to launch the company in February 2019 at  “Ekushey Book Fair”, considered the soul of Bengali culture where more than a million book lovers gather for over a month every year in February.