Our Method

The 4-Step DO School Method.

If you have great ideas that you would like to turn into amazing results, the DO School empowers you to make your vision a reality.

All our programs are built around the DO School Method, which takes you from ideation to implementation in four concrete steps. Each one of the four phases encompasses a relevant set of skills and tools, endowing you with the resources to conceive, test, and refine an idea and – most importantly – to turn it into action.

No matter how big or small your project, the DO School Method is scalable and can be applied in any strategic or stakeholder context. Whether you’re working on your start-up venture or just looking to redesign your boardroom, with the DO School Method you are guaranteed a hands-on result.

Learn from experience

At the DO School, you learn by doing. 

Our programs are immersive and experiential, usually centred around a practical challenge. You get to hone your new skills while applying them, creating a real-life impact.

Learn from the experienced

At the DO School, you learn from the best DOers. 

In our programs, you get to collaborate with experts and mentors who are experienced practitioners in their field – people who don’t just talk the talk, but who’ve walked the walk.

The best learning happens when you are allowed to experience knowledge, make mistakes and test concepts to see if they work.
Rakesh Kasturi, DO School Challenge Lab Manager