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Miguel Angel Cano Santizo is the Storyteller of The DO School, Filmmaker and Director of www.mrchallengefilms.com
He has traveled over 50 countries developing audiovisual and humanitarian projects.
His movies have been screened in Film Festivals Worldwide and his work featured at The Diplomat and The Huffington Post among others.
He is convinced a better world is possible and the answer lies within each of us.

3 Core Learnings from Peking

3 Core Learnings from Peking

Last February 20 students participated in the Social Innovation DO Camp at the Peking University. It was an intense 6-day program meant for budding young entrepreneurs. Three of the participants share with us the main learnings they acquired. Read more... 

Hugging the Dream of Change


As alumni of the month, we interviewed Viviana, who is successfully building her enterprise. They have produced 3,000 huggers during their first four months and are expecting to bring another 10,000 to life during 2017. Viviana’s venture has just started, but she is confident on walking with the determination of knowing what her aim in life is, she lives hugging the dream of change.
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Becoming One

National stereotypes, race prejudices, gender discrimination, social stigmas, what if I said that all of you are inevitably about to become old fashioned?

In such a fast changing society, the mindset clash among generations and different human groups is totally comprehensible. If somebody grew up in a different era than yours or was directly influenced by people who did so, it would be strange to share stance about crucial cultural views.


International Day of Happiness

From The DO School we produced a video to commemorate The International day of Happiness. Just BE happy!


Florian named as a Young Global Leader!

Our very own Florian Hoffmann has been named as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. He joins the ranks of the innovative, enterprising and socially minded men and women under the age of 40 who are pushing boundaries and rethinking the world around them in the #YGL Class of 2017.

His five-year leadership journey helping to break down silos, bridge cultures and using collective skills to get things DOne for positive impact across private, public and civil society organizations starts today! Congratulations Florian!