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The DO School campus in Berlin, Germany.


18-35 year-olds in fields such as – but not limited to – music, design, social entrepreneurship, technology, activism, journalism, education and/or the arts.


Selected participants will receive a full scholarship covering tuition as well as travel cost to and from Berlin, local accommodation and public transport for the program duration.

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Deutsche Telekom AG


about the program

Music is unrivaled in its ability to bring people together! In the latest version of our Innovation Challenge, The DO School and Telekom Electronic Beats will bring together 20 talented young people from around the world to create compelling new ways of fostering meaningful connections through music and engagement with lifestyle products. Participants will get the opportunity to create music and lifestyle experiences that address the needs and aspirations of millennials.

What’s the challenge?

Young people all around the world use digital technology to express themselves and exchange ideas on a vast array of topics. Recent advances in this technology offer great potential to do so despite differences in time and location. The Smart Connection Challenge invites participants from around the world to find new ways of using technology to improve the quality of these connections. Through these efforts, the goal is to enrich the existing music & lifestyle program “Telekom Electronic Beats (TEB)” for exponential growth.

Over the four week program, participants will be guided through a process of finding new nodes of connection that resonate with young people. The Smart Connection Challenge will take place one of the world’s music and lifestyle capitals, Berlin. There, participants will develop concrete products, services, or campaigns with other like-minded individuals from around the world, that inspire and connect.

What will you learn?

You will join a global community of purposeful DOers and get the opportunity to learn and put into practice the DO School Method, an award-winning, tested innovation approach that equips you put your ideas into action, both quickly and effectively. You will be exposed to a network of international experts and make lifelong connections with like-minded peers who share your passion. Furthermore, the challenge provides the opportunity to take a real-life innovation from the idea phase into the implementation phase – selected products will be piloted in Europe, where Telekom Electronic Beats already has an expansive market presence.

Telekom Electronic Beats

Our partner for this program is Telekom Electronic Beats, an international music and lifestyle marketing program created by Deutsche Telekom in 2000.

The program serves to connect people by facilitating, augmenting and celebrating meaningful connections through music. By placing high value on creativity, journalistic integrity and editorial insight, Telekom Electronic Beats has established itself as a genuine expert and thought leader within the electronic music scene.

Over the past 18 years, Telekom Electronic Beats has brought together influential artists such as Moderat, Chilly Gonzales, Nina Kraviz, Gorillaz and Grace Jones in their vibrant live events, thereby delivering on the promise of making sure that “Life is for sharing”.

About The DO School

The DO School is a global platform dedicated to innovation, entrepreneurship, and social impact. Active in 27 nations and utilizing its wide network of experts, The DO School empowers individuals and organizations to become purposeful DOers who can quickly turn ideas into real world products and services. Headquartered in Berlin, The DO School also operates offices in New York City, Hamburg and Hong Kong.

“The DO School empowers people to create solutions by learning from a diverse group of experts as well as fellow DOers. All aspects of the Challenge taught me so much. I am now ready to grow my venture.”

Tashfeen, Alumni, Founder of Social Technology Hub