Intrapreneurship Program

Create a culture of innovation in your company.

Get a head start on innovation.

The times are moving faster, markets change quickly and sometimes unexpectedly, the flow of information is rapidly increasing.

You want your organization to stay on top. To be able to anticipate new challenges and confront them head-on. That’s why you need your staff to become effective drivers of innovation. You need them to become intrapreneurs.

The 4-month intrapreneurship program equips your employees with crucial skills whilst working on a concrete internal challenge you provide them. The result is an empowered team and a tangible solution for your organization. 

Our programs always combine the creation of concrete innovative results with trainings that equip employees with crucial entrepreneurial skills
Katherin Kirschenmann, co-founder

How it works

Your own team of DOers

Who would you like to drive innovation in your company? You’ll begin by either picking out a team you would like to work on a concrete business challenge or you work with us on an internal application and selection process.

Workshops & In-Person Training

Your team will attend regular workshops during which they’ll learn new skills while creating solutions for the concrete business innovation challenge you are giving them using the DO School Method.

Blended Learning

With the DO School, theory and practice always go hand-in-hand. Between the workshops your employees will work on tackling the challenge supported by our online learning platform and coaching. This way your employees won’t be learning passively, but hone their new skills by applying them straight away.

Expert Help

Renowned experts from the DO School’s wide network are waiting to share their experience and insight with you and your employees — helping your team to get you a great result!

What you get

Participate in the Intrapreneurship Program and you will:


Empower your staff

Through the DO School Method and our experts team, your staff will gain everything that is needed to become successful champions of innovation within your organization.


Gain direct innovation

The program generates concrete results for your organization. Your employees will be working in teams to tackle a business issue of your choice – honing their new skills in a real-life scenario. And thanks to the DO School Method, the result will be hands-on and ready to implement.


Inspire your corporate culture

The Intrapreneurship is a great stepping stone on the way to strengthen your corporate culture and processes around innovation and entrepreneurship.

Case study

Covestro was aiming at finding creative solutions to make the new corporate values an intrinsic part of the everyday life of its employees. The intrapreneurship program involved 30 employees during 4 months in what was called the Culture Challenge.