DO Camp

Turn your idea into action with our intensive on-site course. 

A bootcamp for your venture

Get your idea off the ground. In just 5 days, you’ll take your idea for a product, service or organization to the next level.

  • Scrutinize your venture idea and stakeholder ecosystem
  • Develop a clear value proposition
  • Clarify your impact focus
  • Craft a compelling brand story
  • Get ready to prototype your idea

Your entrepreneurial toolkit: the DO School Method

Taking you from idea to action in four simple steps, the DO School Method has been used successfully in projects for organizations such as Siemens Stiftung and Covestro to H&M and the University of Oxford.

How the DO Camp works

The DO Camp endows you with a comprehensive set of entrepreneurial skills and tools. But that doesn’t mean listening to endless lectures or ingesting dry theory. We believe in the value of co-creation. That’s why we use extensive peer-mentoring and interactive facilitation techniques to help you get the most out of this intensive program.

Daily schedule

Day 1

What you achieve: Your concrete value proposition.
How: Issue analysis, Theory of Change, Value proposition canvas, empathy map

Day 2

What you achieve: Your business model draft
How: Rapid idea generation, Social business model canvas, stakeholder and value network

Day 3

What you achieve: A clear definition of impact indicators and assessment
How: Theory of Change

Day 4

What you achieve: A mock-up of your core ideas and/or prototype
How: Prototyping and planning tools

Day 5

What you achieve: A one-pager about your venture and a pitch
How: Collaborative pitch practice

Your facilitators

Our DO Camps are taught by our experienced workshop facilitators who have guided both young entrepreneurs and established visionaries through the dream-focus-plan-DO Method.

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