Year One

What an adventure the last year has been. The DO School is a platform that brings together talented young adults and experienced practitioners, leading companies with governmental agencies and foundations, non-profits with the next generation of leaders. All of us are united by the curiosity of learning together how to create new, effective solutions to persistent problems. The gist: not only to talk about current challenges but to learn how to turn ideas into action. As a platform and community we want to thank you for the amazing last year and share ten successes that we hope you are also proud of.

1. With the changes in markets and societies education experiences have to change, too. Youth unemployment, the lack of suited employees and massive levels of student debt all point towards new forms of learning. The tremendous feedback and recognitions from the US, Germany and the EU show that the DO School model is needed and has great potential. We want to stimulate the discussion on the future of education – not by talking about it but by implementing exciting programs.

2. Our One-Year Program for young social entrepreneurs supported students from 42 countries in Year One. Our students touched the lives of over 1.5 Million people around the globe with their ventures during the time of their DO School program. We are proud of our Fellows and will continue to work on making this potent community grow.

3. Innovation is a big fuzzy word but the DO School Method shows how it can become tangible and a reality. Be it a solution to single use coffee cups in NYC or future concepts for the retail industry, DO School groups inquired into various problems, learned about best practices and the local market, formulated for the context new solutions and implemented them.

4. The DO School programs are growing. Responding to the tremendous application numbers, the DO School implemented several new programs in its first year. For all those not being able to come to a DO School campus we launched the DO School Start-Up Lab. The online course launched with more than 30.000 participants from around the globe.

5. We believe that global business has a huge potential to create positive change. That is why we started to offer workshops for company leadership teams that bring social innovation to topics like product innovation, sustainability or training.

6. More than 200 leading practitioners shared their knowledge and experience in the DO School Hamburg and New York in Year One.

7. DO School team members lectured and shared their experience by starting to introduce the DO School at conferences and seminars in more than ten countries.

8. The DO School is a network builder. We invite companies, universities, non-profits and foundations to join a framework that is not afraid of sharing and developing joint new initiatives that are fast, topical and can demonstrate real impact. Connections with over 50 organizations were formed in Year One.

9. We all know that DOing things is hard work but it is also very often great fun. 180 days of teaching took place on campus and the Fellows of the one-year program spent around 20.000 hours implementing their ventures back home.

10. We have many more plans for Year Two!

Florian Hoffmann

Florian is passionate about finding innovative solutions to solve social problems. He founded the DO School as an organization offering innovative executive programs to today’s emerging entrepreneurs and leading organizations. In addition Florian regularly contributes to the ongoing discourse on innovation, education and youth unemployment through articles and talks.