YouTube and The DO School team up in Berlin to offer a program for talented and curious refugees to empower them with 21st century skills and enable them to tell their stories. After defining their passion and purpose in this multidisciplinary format, they will join forces with accomplished YouTubers who will guide them through the process of scripting and production.

As a result, they will produce short videos of stories that matter. Their stories.

Final presentation on world refugee day

The participants will get the chance to present their final work on World Refugee Day (20th June) as part of a short film festival held at YouTube Space Berlin. Putting the skills that they acquired during the workshops to use, they will share their stories and officially screen the final version of their films.

Youtube Space Berlin

All workshops will take place in the YouTube Space Berlin, which operates within the professional production facilities of MET Film School. It is comprised of a reception area, two “ready set” rooms (that will feature different sets each quarter), a lounge room, a cafe area, a screening room, a makeup room, post production facilities and a large 135 sq. meter studio.

The YouTube Space is an area where creators of all levels come together and benefit from tutorials, workshops and state of the art technology.