Sierra Leonean DO School Fellows join hands to fight Ebola

We are Mohamed Salia and Lucretia Mbogba from Sierra Leone. Fellows of the DO School Sustainable Cup Challenge and the Green Store Challenge held early this year in New York City and Hamburg respectively. Our DO School training equipped us with the required and requisite skills to kick-start our dream projects: SEED-Sierra Leone (Mohamed) and Sinnava (Lucretia).

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The aim of SEED-Sierra Leone is special focus on empowering women and youths affected by mining through microloan support and training, while Sinnava seeks to create access to provide electricity for poor rural communities in Sierra Leone through solar kiosk project.

Community Outreach on Ebola2

Our encounter in New York and Hamburg was fundamental for our projects. Unfortunately, upon our arrival back home, our country was plunged by one of the deadest disease (Ebola) ever in human history. The most disheartening part is that Sierra Leone is the most highly infected country in the sub-region with 5 people infected every hour (Save the Children Report).

The current Ebola epidemic in our country has affected our project in the following ways
  • Limited accessibility to 80% of our project locations because of the present state of public Health Emergency declared by the president
  • The fear of contracting Ebola is limiting our inter-personal exchange with our volunteers and beneficiaries e.g. greeting and public gathering is prohibited
  • Limited access to internet cafes because most internet cafes are closed.

These and many more challenges are militating against our projects. Therefore if the current Ebola situation continues, the very existence of our projects are at stake. The current limitations in implementing our projects are very frustrating for us. Therefore we dream of a Sierra Leone Society free from Ebola.

Eradicating Ebola in Sierra Leone is a Journey of thousand miles, and we feel challenged to get involved in this fight.

Therefore in the bid to complement government’s effort in the fight against Ebola, we want to use our skills and knowledge gain to engage in community awareness raising of Ebola prevention and psycho-social counseling for affected victims.

The overall objective of our action will help to empower community people with adequate knowledge and information on the Ebola disease which will enable them to have control and prevent its further spread.

We call on all DO School Co-Fellows, catalysts, volunteers, supporters and sympathizers to support our action and help make Sierra Leone an Ebola free society. Please make all your support and contributions through the donations page until the end of the year 2014.

Should you have questions, please get back to the DO School via donations@thedoschool.org. Donation receipts can be provided.

Thank you for your support!


Lucretia Mbogba and Mohamed Salia

Lucretia and Mohamed are Fellows from the Green Store Challenge in Hamburg and the Sustainable Cup Challenge in New York respectively. Both come from Sierra Leone, the most highly infected country in the sub-region with 5 people infected every hour (Save the Children Report).