Peking University Social Innovation DO Camp

For future leaders in social business.

11 December 2016
12 - 17 February 2017
Peking University

As a Peking University student, are you looking for concrete opportunities to solve real world challenges besides learning theories and case studies in class? Have you ever imagined that you could solve a social issue with an entrepreneurial approach? Or have you wanted to try but didn’t know how and where to start?

The Peking University Social Innovation DO Camp is the right place for you!

Young, talented students who are passionate about making society a better place will gather together in February here on campus!

What is the Peking University Social Innovation DO Camp?

This program is designed for 20 university students with diverse major and cultural backgrounds to solve a social innovation challenge. The students will learn and work intensively for six days with team members under the guidance of facilitators and experts. At the end of the program, students will craft a solution that is both socially relevant and profitable.

The Peking University Social Innovation DO Camp provides students with a valuable set of entrepreneurial skills and tools. Participants will be empowered to turn their ideas into action by practicing co-creation and incorporating extensive peer mentoring. Our experienced facilitators will help participants maximize the overall experience of the Social Innovation DO Camp.

The Social Innovation DO Camp is a partnership between the Guanghua-Yintai Research Center for Philanthropy and Social Impact and the DO School. The Challenge is given by the Yintai Foundation.

What are the key components?

1. Online Phase (Mid January)

This phase is conducted online and is designed to help participants build the community of the Social Innovation DO Camp as well as draw on global best practices to prepare for the intensive in-person course.

2. In-Person Phase (February 12th-17th)

The Social Innovation DO Camp is an intensive six-day program for budding entrepreneurs. During the second phase, participants will gain the critical skills and tools, based on the DO School Method, that will take them from idea to action. 

The Challenge

The Challenge is to develop a new kind of shopping mall experience. With guidance from experienced facilitators and a select group of experts, you will use the latest ideation and innovation techniques to come up with diversified solutions that have a social impact and create new demand for consumption. Given the increased competition among shopping malls, there is a growing need to differentiate the shopping experience and attract potential new customers. Therefore, this Challenge will require students to discern how to transform shopping malls from their current form into a more diversified, innovative and experiential learning space.

Benefits of the Social Innovation DO Camp

  • A high-value, tuition-free course provided by top international education organizations. Each selected candidate will receive a full scholarship of €1600 for the course fee from Guanghua-Yintai Research Center.
  • Insights into real business challenges being faced by leaders and the opportunity to co-create a solution that will generate direct social impact.
  • Chance to explore and understand more deeply China’s business landscape and relevant social issues.
  • A unique experience that builds an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset.
  • A valuable opportunity to work with and learn from talented students coming from diverse backgrounds around the world.
  • Membership in a global community of DOers that includes entrepreneurs, distinguished experts, students and alumni.

Who should apply?

  • You are currently studying at Peking University. Senior undergraduate / master (including MBA) / PhD students are preferred. All majors and academic backgrounds are welcome.
  • You have a passion to solve social problems with entrepreneurial methods.
  • You are fluent in English and are able to contribute meaningfully to a program that is entirely taught in English. English will be the official language of the program.
  • You are able to commit to participate in a short online phase in mid-January that includes an interactive community-building forum and introduction to course materials.
  • You are able to commit to 6 days in February for the in-person Social Innovation DO Camp at Peking University.

How to apply?

Applications for the Social Innovation DO Camp are being accepted now. The next application deadline is December 11th, 2016. Qualified candidates will be interviewed on a rolling basis. Early applications are highly encouraged and recruitment may close early if all 20 seats are taken.

Please use your official Peking University email address (@pku.edu.cn) in the application.

For enquiries, please contact: admissions@thedoschool.org

Applications are closed


Guanghua-Yintai Research Center for Philanthropy and Social Impact

The Guanghua-Yintai Research Center for Philanthropy and Social Impact is the first research center established in business school in China which promotes advance knowledge in philanthropy and social impact with business methodology and management skills, including CSR, social innovation, social entrepreneurship and impact investing.

The DO School

The DO School creates experiential learning programs centered around innovation and implementation skills. With the DO School Method and its wide network of experts, the DO School empowers companies and individuals to turn their ideas into action and make good business a reality.

 Yintai Foundation

Yintai Foundation was established by China Yintai to promote philanthropy and pursue corporate social responsibility in addition to creating business value. Yintai Foundation focuses on senior social enterprise management education, modern Chinese history study, environmental protection as well as orphans and disabled children assistance. Its aim is to fulfil the cooperate social value by integrating business management skills.