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What is the challenge?

Six major German radio stations, Axel Springer and The DO School challenge you to develop and beta-test an online format or platform that will catapult audio entertainment forward so that it can fulfil its mission of providing quality editorial information and entertainment in new and innovative ways. The solution that you will co-create with the other 19 Fellows during the Challenge Lab should be based on a sustainable business model, seize on new ways of making audio content available, and strengthen the traditional role of radio as a public service provider in our digital age.

Why does it matter?

The future of audio entertainment has never been brighter. Radio stations have more listeners and a higher penetration rate than at any other point in recorded history. Millennials stay connected through streaming services and a over abundance of on-the-go apps. And while the audio entertainment industry is booming, keen business people and those at the forefront of the industry know that change is coming.

The rise of automation and the earth-shattering shocks that are expected to follow will require a massive shift in the way that entertainment is produced, distributed and consumed. The creation of more decentralized information streams in the form of podcasts may well create more self-selected information silos and harm our ability to communicate with those that we disagree with.

What is the role of radio as the a key curator of public information when consumers not only have more freedom of choice, but also more freedom to avoid information they don’t agree with? How can the music industry protect the integrity of music in a world where ‘all content should be free’? Can we maintain the role of radio as one of the most predominant local media channels that connects the community in a specific geographic region in an increasingly globalized world? And who actually decides how the industry will adjust to the effects of automation—will people still listen to radio when we have driverless cars?

The answer: You decide.

The DO School empowers people to create solutions by learning from a diverse group of experts as well as fellow DOers. All aspects of the Challenge taught me so much. I am now ready to grow my venture.
Tashfeen, Alumni, Founder of Social Technology Hub

Meet the DO School Team

Our program leaders are dedicated to helping young entrepreneurs develop their ideas using innovative, design learning based tools and the DO School Method. With over 30 years experience between them, and with knowledge areas spanning business planning through to effective communication styles and , they will guide you through the process of developing your idea from day one and provide continuous support through the implementation phase of the program:

How is the program set up?

Incubation Phase

The first Phase of the Program lasts 10 weeks and takes place in Berlin. You and 19 Fellows from all over the globe will attend the following courses:
Challenge Lab: You’ll be co-creating a hands-on result for the Future of Audio Entertainment Challenge while learning and applying the DO School Method.
Venture Lab: Using the DO School Method, you’ll refine your venture idea and get it ready for implementation.
Media Lab: You’ll learn storytelling skills to generate support and publicity for your idea.

Implementation Phase

Over the course of the next 10 months, you’ll be implementing your venture in your home country – using the skills you learnt in the Incubation Phase. Thanks to the DO School’s online platform, you’ll be able to get advice and feedback from your mentors, the DO School program team and your peers. In addition, you can pick up and share new skills along the way.

Student Life

You will live together with your fellow participants in shared apartments provided by the DO School. In one of the best areas of Berlin, the apartments are surrounded by cafes, restaurants are galleries. Our fellows usually wind down after a long day of ideating by cooking and eating together at home. Berlin is a vibrant city with a lot to do and see, and the DO School puts on numerous networking and social events so that you can get to know people from the city.

Where will you work?

The Venue Berlin is here to give you an unfair advantage. Located in the heart of Berlin’s Kreuzberg neighbourhood, The Venue comes equipped with a stage, studio and multiple co-working spaces that will help make collaboration between you and your fellow DO School cohort easy.

You’ll spend 10 weeks sharing hallways, coffee breaks and late night brainstorming session with your DO School colleagues to work alongside our team of experts: Berlin’s best and brightest musicians, producers, journalists, students and entrepreneurs. And the best thing? You won’t just be along for the ride. At The Venue, you get to drive.

Who will you work with?

The Future of Audio Entertainment Challenge will introduce you to one of the most diverse and talented group of individuals the world has to offer. The DO School Fellows Network is composed of ambitious, socially-minded individuals from 110 countries. Our fellows work across a variety of industries from venture focused on sustainable development and slow fashion to women’s rights and technology. DO School alumni are a part of a lifelong network that cuts across continents, age and interest.

Are you ready to join our network of diverse, international talent, put your talents to use and start DOing?

What you’ll learn

If you have great ideas that you would like to turn into amazing results, the DO School empowers you to make your vision a reality.

All our programs are built around the DO School Method, which takes you from ideation to implementation in four concrete steps. Each one of the four phases encompasses a relevant set of skills and tools, endowing you with the resources to conceive, test, and refine an idea and – most importantly – to turn it into action.

No matter how big or small your project, the DO School Method is scalable and can be applied in any strategic or stakeholder context. Whether you’re working on your start-up venture or just looking to redesign your boardroom, with the DO School Method you are guaranteed a hands-on result.

Renowned Experts and Mentors

Meet the inspirational people who guide you through our programs by sharing their expertise with you. 

Get Yourself Informed

Who can apply to participate in this Challenge?

The DO School is seeking highly motivated and talented emerging social entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs with skills in the following areas: Developing and/or providing content for new formats (e.g. podcasts, apps, online platforms), radio programming/journalism, storytelling, sound design, music, psychology, marketing, sales. Applicants should be able to demonstrate a track record of being passionate about addressing social issues and creating and spreading innovative social change. We welcome applications from people with all educational and socioeconomic backgrounds. Successful applicants are determined and willing to use our program to start new, or grow existing ventures, or implement a new initiative within a larger organization. The DO School program is ideal for outstanding mission-driven people who are looking for the tools, skills, and mentoring to launch a social start-up.

What are DO School Fellow ventures?

An idea to start or grow a social venture, be it a non-profit, social business, artistic initiative, campaign or intrapreneurial initiative within an existing organization is a crucial part of the application. Ventures always address a key social issue in the Fellows’ communities, while at the same time reflecting their personal passions, motivation, and talents. We don’t require applicants to already have finished business plans for their ventures, but rather require them to want to implement an innovative idea for a venture. As Fellows are passionate about the topic of the Challenge they apply for, their venture idea will reflect this and is somehow connected to the content of the Challenge.

What is the time commitment during the Entrepreneurship for Good Program?

During the 10-week Incubation Phase all Fellows live and work together. This phase is an intensive learning and training experience with full-day program for usually 5 – 6 days a week. For the 10-month Implementation Phase, Fellows return to their home countries to start implementing their own ventures with continued online support from the Venture Lab, via the DO School Online Platform. Fellows can work part-time on their venture implementation, but are required to commit an absolute minimum of 15 hours per week to work on their venture.

What are the courses offered during the Incubation Phase?

Over the ten weeks of the Incubation Phase, Fellows will work on a Challenge posed by our Challenger. This process is supported by our Challenge Lab, a course which offers skills, knowledge and tools necessary to successfully solve the Challenge. The Venture Lab is the second major focus of the Incubation Phase, in which Fellows will work on turning their own venture idea into a viable social start-up plan that is ready for implementation. Fellows will benefit from individual coaching sessions and workshops on entrepreneurship, communications, project management, and start-up financing to develop their idea into a concrete project plan. The third course, Media Lab, is to enable Fellows to communicate about their ventures in a professional manner. Media Lab sessions help them to develop a strong brand and communication strategy. 

How can one apply for the Entrepreneurship for Good Program?

Applications for the Entrepreneurship for Good Program are always for a specific Challenge and can only be completed during the stated application period of that Challenge. Applications are completed through an online application form.

What does it cost to participate in the Entrepreneurship for Good Program?

The Entrepreneurship for Good Program is a highly subsidized program, which means you pay only a small portion of the actual costs as your tuition fee. For the Future of Audio Entertainment Challenge the tuition fee is 1,000 EUR excluding travel expenses, This only applies if you can afford to pay the full tuition and your own costs, if not there is an additional questionnaire in the application, which you can fill out in order to benefit from financial aid.

Is there financial aid available for those who cannot cover the cost?

Yes, financial aid is available for the tuition fee of the Entrepreneurship for Good Program. Fellow selection is need-blind. This means we select Fellows regardless of their financial circumstances and make sure that everyone who is selected can also participate in the program. If you need financial aid to cover the tuition fee, there is a separate form in the application process that you can fill out. If you are accepted you will then automatically receive an individualized partial or full financial aid offer. We will also be able to supply a limited number of travel stipends to applicants who can demonstrate that they need additional support. Our financial aid will be based on your personal needs, however, we expect all candidates to demonstrate entrepreneurial spirit and actively contribute to part of their own costs through their own fundraising activities.

Why is the tuition fee for the Entrepreneurship for Good Program so low?

The DO School’s mission is to make excellent education highly affordable. Through its unique fellowship model every Fellow accepted onto the Entrepreneurship for Good Program receives an automatic scholarship covering the vast majority of the program cost. This is made possible through the support of the Challenger who gives the hands-on innovation Challenge, in this case Axel Springer.

After I submit my application how long will it take to hear if I have been selected or not?

We will be in touch with you via email shortly after the next selection deadline.

Can I apply for two Challenges at the same time?

No. We select Fellows based on the specific interest expressed in the application to participate in a particular Challenge. It is important that you seriously consider selecting a Challenge that you are passionate about, as your start-up venture should also reflect the topic of the Challenge.

I have already applied for a previous program and was not accepted, can I still apply for a new program?

Yes, each application will be evaluated on its own merit. Having previously applied will not negatively influence the outcome of a new application. Quite the opposite, it may be a good idea to tell us how you and your venture have developed since your last application.

My English is not very good, can I apply in a different language?

No, since all programs rely on English as the common language, you have to apply in English. However, it is important to remember that the requirement is to speak and understand English well enough to be able to benefit from and contribute to the program, but you don’t need to be a native speaker – so don’t be too worried about making a few mistakes.

Who can I contact if I have questions regarding admissions?

Please contact us at admissions@thedoschool.org