Breakthrough Innovation Challenge

How will your company build the business of tomorrow?

Members of the UNGC network
22 August 2016
September 2016 - Online
18 & 19 Oct. 2016 - NYC
8 to 10 Nov. 2016 - Cambridge
Early March 2017 - Bangalore
May 2017 - Berlin/Silicon Valley
New York City
By the DO School North America, LLC

The Breakthrough Innovation Challenge is an edition of our Intrapreneurship Program in partnership with the United Nations Global Compact. The Challenge aims to connect mainstream companies with 21st century entrepreneurs and innovators, and to explore disruptive new technologies with the potential to enable fundamentally more sustainable business models. Participants will work toward designing future business models for their companies.

The year-long programme combines workshops, field trips, case competitions and online collaboration. Companies can nominate up to three young innovators and emerging leaders from different business units (e.g. Sustainability, R&D and Business Development) to participate in the programme. The programme will run from September 2016 to the September 2017 and participants should expect a total of 10-12 travel days.

Company Challenges, Future Business Models

As a core part of the programme, each participating company will define a challenge specific to their company. These challenges will focus on future business models at the intersection of sustainability and disruptive innovation.

Programme Elements

As part of the program, participants will be challenged and inspired by next generation innovators, thought-leaders, entrepreneurs and students. They will be able to apply insights from the Breakthrough Innovation Platform to explore solutions to their challenges and collaboratively design and test different types of business models that leverage disruptive technology. Participants will have access to:

  • Exponential thought-leaders who will serve as team mentors and share their insights on disruptive technologies and business model innovation throughout the programme.
  • Globally crowd-sourced knowledge to augment ideas with solutions submitted by students around the world.
  • Field trips to global innovation hubs to build knowledge of business models powered by breakthrough technologies in various contexts.
  • Collaborative learning experiences with teams from leading companies to share insights and emerging approaches.

For more details, please download the PDF below.

Expected Outcomes

By the end of the programme, participants will have:

  • Received inspiration and ideas from a variety of innovators, entrepreneurs and students
  • Designed 2-3 specific business models that address a challenge faced by their company
  • Tested the most promising opportunities
  • Mapped a transition process and identified the most significant barriers and risks

Participants will present their solutions at the Global Compact Leaders Summit 2017, which will focus on the theme of Breakthrough Innovations for the SDGs.

To learn more about the programme and to participate, please send an email to: Rosedel Davies-Adewebi rdaviesadewebi@unglobalcompact.org at the United Nations Global Compact.


United Nations Global Compact

LEAD is an exclusive group of sustainability leaders from across all regions and sectors that represent the cutting edge of the UN Global Compact. LEAD aims to inspire and advance the full integration of sustainability into business strategies and operations, thus playing a critical role in advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Current LEAD priorities include Breakthrough Innovation, Translating the SDGs into Business Opportunities, and Responsible Investment.