National stereotypes, race prejudices, gender discrimination, social stigmas, what if I said that all of you are inevitably about to become old fashioned?

In such a fast changing society, the mindset clash among generations and different human groups is totally comprehensible. If somebody grew up in a different era than yours or was directly influenced by people who did so, it would be strange to share stance about crucial cultural views. Nonetheless, in order to achieve common understanding it is important not to label different opinions with negative connotations, it simply is not effective. An obsolete mentality is just a different perspective of what the term tolerance means. A prejudice is nothing else than ignorance building a barrier and therefore the most efficient tool to win that battle towards a fairer comprehension is knowledge.

If discussions about human division and exclusion are being recently raised, it means things are already changing. While short ago they were not even considered as relevant issues, nowadays we cannot avoid talking about it due to crucial changes quickly happening. With the recent globalization of the world and severe political conflicts around the globe, migratory movements have increased vastly over the last couple of decades. Taking a plane, traveling the world and switching home location have become accessible and affordable choices for all those searching to find a better life and/or career opportunity, to widen their perspective or just in the pursuit of adventure while exploring new places and cultures. Earth’s last generation of youngsters are becoming XXI century nomads.

With this new scenario where physical distances are easily surmountable, a vast range of new human interactions have opened up. Forty years ago, if you were born in Sweden from both Swedish parents, whose parents were also Swedish, you could fairly be labeled as Swedish, becoming an evident target for social stereotyping. However in the case of a girl born in Germany from a Japanese mother and an Egyptian father who studies high school in France and attends College in the US, nobody on his mind could apply any social prejudice towards such a global person. Fortunately, that human profile is speedily becoming more usual, leaving without arguments to those with intentions to divide.

While we can keep discussing about different perspectives on imaginary divisions invented by human modern society, positive consequences of cultural globalization will shortly speak louder than words. Soon to judge others backgrounds, habits or life choices, will simply sound absurd and intolerance will have become a practice from the past. By then we will have understood that Earth is everybody’s home and the question ‘where are you from?’ will lose sense and will disappear from our courtesy dictionary. All those facts will be irrefutable evidences of the World becoming one.

Miguel Angel Cano Santizo
Storyteller of The DO School,
Filmmaker and Director of