The Future Pathways Challenge

How might we enable youth from under-resourced communities to bridge the gap between education and employment?

Applications closed
April 21-22, 2018 (Sat & Sun)
June 11-28, 2018 (Mon-Fri)
New York City
Free (stipends available)
Newman's Own Foundation
*Attendance at workshops is required

The Future Pathways Challenge

How might we enable youth from under-resourced communities to bridge the gap between education and employment – creating pathways to meaningful, family sustaining careers?

As a participant in Innovate NYC 2018, you will be tasked with building an empathy-driven understanding of the system which currently offers unequal access to youths in career development opportunities.

Barriers may include inadequate access to career exploration and work experiences, reduced levels of social capital, and forced prioritization of paid low-level jobs over career development.

HERE to HERE (H2H) is a Bronx based network of organisations and programs for high school and post-secondary students who are at risk of un- or underemployment. H2H’s goal is to help 10,000 young people on the pathway to family sustaining jobs by the age of 25.

Innovate NYC 2018’s challenge is sponsored by H2H and Youth Inc, an organisation that supports New York City non-profits who are transforming the lives of the city’s youth.

You will work with these organisations, companies, subject matter experts and students who experience the challenge directly, to develop solutions which better support their needs.

The Challengers

H2H is based in the Bronx and seeks to build interest-based career pathways for 14-25 year olds in the Bronx leveraging and fostering communication and collaboration across all existing community resources. Through the work of H2H, a consortium of collaborating organizations will ensure that youth growing up in the Bronx enjoy family-sustaining jobs, choice-filled lives, and that the broader community prospers because of the borough’s robust talent pipeline.
Youth INC
Youth INC’s mission is to transform the lives of New York City youth by empowering the nonprofits that serve them.  We measure and support the character building of all NYC kids regardless of socio-economic background so that each is able to achieve their full potential.  All the leading research shows that building character, or social and emotional learning (SEL), is critical to success in school, career and life.  Our 72 nonprofit partners achieve 80% statistically significant growth in SEL of the youth they serve and by doing so, forever change the trajectory of their lives.

Structure of the program

Innovate NYC is a challenge based social innovation program open to university students across New York City. It brings together diverse participants from 11 different institutions in an intense hands-on studio format leading to the development of real-world design solutions to local challenges.

A core group of 20 students will be selected from across participating universities. The program is divided according to the following phases:

In-school workshops: April 21-22, 2018

Emphasizing leadership and ideation skills, these workshops encompass the basic toolkit all changemakers need to find their passion and turn their ideas into action.

Full-time daily workshops across three weeks (Mon- Fri): June 11-28, 2018

Serving as the capstone experience of the program, students will be brought together for an intensive hands-on experience. At the end of these three weeks, program participants will have co-created a tangible result that they deliver to the City of New York for use by NYC communities in the months and years ahead.

What Innovate NYC participants say


We understand that three weeks in June of full-time work can take a bite out of a student’s budget. That’s why we are happy to announce a limited number of stipends will be available. Students invited to interview for the program will receive a stipend application form as part of their notification package.

"I would recommend the DO School's Innovate NYC Program to all students who want to accomplish something fulfilling early in their career that has a real world impact. Not only did I have a blast meeting and working with such a diverse cohort of peers, but we also learned so much from each other.
Hua Joe Fung, 2017 Program Fellow