Santiago Arturo Vargas Jr is a graduating Senior at BMCC in NYC. As of June 2018 he will be the first 3rd generation immigrant male in his family to hold a college Degree. He was born and raised in the most diverse borough, Queens NY.

From a young age his passion has been strategic planning. He is a devoted leader and also an artist. He was a member of the first Beat Boy after school program in his neighborhood designed to further the engagement in the arts for young teens. He has also always believed in paying it forward and through the help of the BMCC Learner Academy program at BMCC he was able to participate in a NYC mentoring summer program. Alongside the programs, he was presented with the 2016 Presidents award from Dangerous Grounds social club due to his continuous leadership efforts to better his community through volunteer work. Santiago’s most recent project was a video interview with Andrew Padilla on one of his main interests (Gentrification).

Santiago is also known to be a true connoisseur of music. His passion for music allowed him to be open to different genres and expand his music flavor. In his ICloud, you wouldn’t be able to say he has a favorite due to the different varieties of Frank Sinatra, Buena vista Social club, Nas, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Juan Luis Guerra and Silvio Rodríguez.

This April he will be venturing on a new program with the DO School where he hopes to continue and even further enhance his leadership skill’s through the workshops being opened to him. Santiago lives his life by constantly reminding himself of his favorite quote, that has allowed him to stay focused and devoted into his passions and the work he is working on. “There are men who struggle for a day and they are good. There are men who struggle for a year and they are better. There are men who struggle many years, and they are better still. But there are those who struggle all their lives: These are the indispensable ones.”-Bertolt Brecht