Passion: Having a good talk with interesting people while cooking and having a glass of cold wine…

Born in Hamburg, Petra decided to become a foreign trader after finishing high school.

She gained experience working with people of many different cultures during her business travels as chief purchasing manager for a German jeans brand.

As a woman in a male dominated sector, Petra started to gain interest and get active in social and political issues, such as women’s rights and the rights of migrants and children in the early 90s. As a result she pursued a degree Political Science at the University of Hamburg. In 2005, she founded Kulturbrücke Hamburg e.V., a non-profit organization with the mission to better integrate migrant children into German society and to increase cultural awareness, reducing stigma. As a co-founder, she was a member of the executive board for more than seven years and has significantly contributed to growth and success of the organization.

Petra has a school-aged son and her passions include cooking and any kind of sport.