Katia Sei Fong is founder of Nuestro Bambú, a creative design studio that creates social and environmental impact by leveraging bamboo as a unique resource. Until today, Katia has organized several exhibitions and moderated more than 40+ workshops with adults, kids and even prisoners across Uruguay in which more than 5500 people participated. She has been also a speaker at several conferences and design events in Uruguay, Argentina, China and South Korea.

Originally, Katia studied Industrial Design at the Universidad de la República, Uruguay, where she also works as an assistant professor and continues her own education in architecture. During her studies she spent a few months at the China National Bamboo Research Center (CBRC) in Hangzhou, to deepen her understanding of bamboo as a sustainable resource.

Katia is an entrepreneur and social innovator alumni at the 2015-Packaging Challenge H&M in The DO School-Germany. She has been appointed as the Bamboo Ambassador-Uruguay by the World Bamboo Organization in 2015. She has been the winner and finalist of multiple design and architecture competitions.

Katia wants to foster cultural change by introducing bamboo as craft material into local communities, to artisans as well as to prisoners.

She is a full time student in Architecture and Urbanism at the University of the Republic in Uruguay and graduate of Industrial Design. One big step towards her venture took place when she entered a competition of the Ministry of Culture in Uruguay to fund her first cultural design project of bamboo.

Katia will contribute her industrial design skills as well as her entrepreneurial spirit to the Challenge.