Anaïs is a brand strategist for small businesses who want to do good in extraordinary ways. She is known for her holistic approach to business development, pitch co­creation skills and creative business naming process. With four years of experience consulting entrepreneurs in hospitality, the social sector and the coaching world, she draws on a diverse range of know­how and know­how­not. Anaïs is a certified Image & Personal Branding Consultant, holds a Masters degree in Organizational Behaviour and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Management.

Anaïs supports The Do School as a Venture Coach and in the facilitation of custom-built learning journeys for organizations.

When she is not with us, she runs an online consultancy and leads retreats for entrepreneurs who want to do good while feeling good. She designs tools for feminine business development, teaches authentic sales processes and co-develops innovative, soulful brands.

She has lived in Egypt, The Netherlands, Spain, Jordan, Thailand, Venezuela and Germany. She loves working with people from all walks of life, standing on stages and the smell of airports.