2016 has been a tumultuous year. The DO School team felt this not last when hate mails and threats started reaching us when we ran the first programs for refugees on our Berlin campus.

More and more people feel left behind by a quickly changing world, concerned by what will happen to their jobs and opportunities in a world run by tech and the mighty few. The answer to so many seems to stop exploring this changing world and protect the status quo as best as possible against others.

We are extremely grateful to the incredible individuals – you – that we get to work with every day that do not believe that these changes happen to us, that we are without power. Instead, you actively engage in shaping them. In your community by connecting rural farmers directly with consumers online creating an income for the rural population in India. As an organization by thinking about what the future of work will look like for your employees. As a global business community by engaging with the UN and us to work on how to use breakthrough innovation to drive sustainability

What is humbling to us is not that many of you believe to have the answers – none of us will have them alone. It is the belief that we need to be courageous, not give in to simple truth and engage positively with others to create the future we want to be a part of. This is not about politics or positions, it is about people being able to come together, confront challenges, and develop solutions that are meaningful. 

In our work, we see the power of diversity to solve complicated issues in a world of imperfect information.  We see the energy, empowered people have when they come together to build networks and the impact that can come from following a purpose passionately.

In times of fear we believe DOing things that have the potential to be valuable and meaningful is more important than ever. Our entire team is looking forward to work with you in 2017, tackle hard Challenges, seek opportunities and work towards shaping our world in the best possible way we can.

Thank you,
Florian, Katherin and the DO School team