Last week 20 future leaders from H&M’s Production team embarked on a shared journey of learning and development. For over one year, they will be tackling a question that no multinational organisation looking towards a successful future can get around: in their Challenge, they’ll devise long-term strategies and solutions for sustainable leadership. 

In the words of H&M’s Sunali Kumar: “After 6 months of preparation, we finally launched the H&M Production Academy Program in partnership with the DO School last week!  We had 20 participants from different production offices, functions and departmentsWe had an exciting 3 days with lots of inspiration and learning! Rouven and Felix brought very different facilitation styles, insights and energy to the program. Using the DO School ideation techniques, program participants have already generated 50-60 ideas to solve the challenge. Overall it has been a great experience so far and we are all very curious to see how the challenge solution evolves over the course of the program!”

Watch this space!