The Desire for a Revolution

Do you ever feel that you bounce between someone’s fantasy or fear? That stories about you are everywhere except you didn’t write them and they are not even about you?  Are you tired of being mistaken as a terrorist or misrepresented as an object of oppression?  

Hi, my name is Tanzima, and after being told to go back to Puerto Rico, hit by a beer bottle and searched in stores for thefts that apparently “my kind” commit; I am working to create a platform that mobilizes minority communities across cities in Europe for greater civic participation, diverse media representation and social cohesiveness against rising hate crime through campaigning.

I want people that feel vulnerable in the places they call home to feel as if they have a say in their lives by telling their own story. I want a space that serves in parallel to mainstream media and allows the people to connect directly with each other and the governments that serve them. In the intent that we can affect social policy and be in control of our own narratives.

After moving across countries to work within media and for state governments, I have felt the distance between the people and their governments garner possibilities for misunderstanding and false information, and if there’s more room, propaganda and manipulation. Therefore, I believe that real change for communities can occur if we can get rid of any obstacles, intermediaries, interference and strict policies to encourage people to be the narrator, mediamaker and campaigner for their own communities and issues.

Tanzima Chowdhury, United States