The Culture Challenge

Shaping a new corporate culture. 

The Challenge

Writing down a list of values for your Corporate Identity is all good and well. But how do you take them beyond the drawing board? How can you make sure that your new and bold values will become an intrinsic part in the everyday life of your organisation?

Covestro wanted more than just theoretical answers to these questions. And that is why they joined forces with the DO School: to generate hands-on results that will make a true difference to the company’s culture, transforming employees into intrapreneurs.

Together, the DO School and Covestro challenged an international team of 30 Covestro employees. Using the DO School Method and guidance from the DO School facilitators, they set out to co-create ideas and initiatives based on the new company values Colourful, Courageous, and Curious.

The Challenger

Covestro is one of the world’s leading polymer materials suppliers, previously called Bayer MaterialScience. Covestro supplies key industries around the world (automotive, construction and electronics) as well as furniture, sporting goods and textiles industries. With its products and applications solutions, the company is helping to meet the major challenges of our time, from climate change and resource depletion, increasing mobility and urbanization to population growth and demographic change.


The Results

At the end of the multi-month Challenge, our participants got together with a panel of Covestro senior managers to present 9 concrete ideas.

These initiatives draw on a wide range of tools and trends – but they all speak of the spirit of entrepreneurship and joint ownership of ideas.

For example, participants developed concepts around how to facilitate the sharing of knowledge in the organisation, how to spot and seize trends early on, how to improve communication across hierarchies, how to make Covestro into an organisation that is not just truly customer-centric, but also an all-around amiable and good place to work.

What I love about the DO School is that we end up with a to-do list and a level of commitment amongst all of the participants eager to continue on the journey.
Patrick Thomas, Former CEO, Covestro

By the DO School Innovation Lab GmbH

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