Bring affordable solar light bulbs to rural Ugandan families

One Lamp
Opio Derrick Hosea
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Opio knows first hand what it means not to have access to electricity. He comes from rural Uganda where most families use kerosene lamps for lighting their homes and letting their kids study for school.

Having experienced the health and safety risks of these lamps, Opio founded OneLamp, a social enterprise that provides safe and affordable solar light bulbs to rural Ugandan families. Next to health and safety benefits, he especially aims to increase the school performance of 7.5m children attending rural schools in Uganda who will be able to study better and longer with the help of his lamps.


OneLamp opened its first regional store in summer 2014. After 300 days, he claims to have impacted over 5000 households, given 90’000 extra hours for school children to study and saving CO2 emissions along the way.

OneLamp not only opens new opportunities for kid’s learning, it also decreases health and safety risks and allows households to save up to USD 10 of their monthly disposable income.

A million thank you to The DO School. The struggle to deliver clean energy to offgrid households, schools and small businesses continues
Opio Derrick Hosea, Alumni, Founder of OneLamp

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