Hand Over

Building sustainable, resilient and affordable houses for low-income families in Egyptian slums.

Hand Over
Radwa Rostom
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Hand Over

Radwa currently works as a CSR specialist in a solar energy Co. and holds a Bachelor’s in Engineering with a specialization in construction. Her passion about the environment and knowledge of engineering lead to her venture idea of addressing the lack of proper housing for poor communities in Cairo.

Together with students and architecture experts, Hand Over provides affordable, durable resilient and sustainable housing units. Based on the principle of using human-centered design, students and local residents slum dwellers collaborate to develop and build suitable housing solutions.

After building a the first prototype in Abu-Qarn district in Cairo, in with the collaboration with “Ezbet project” using the rammed earth technique, that will support eight family members and will train 6 local labors, Radwa plans to eventually expand to several villages and districts across all slum areas in Egypt.

One of the very positive outcomes is that I am trying to deliver the message that nothing is impossible. Even if the issue seems hopeless and requires a huge effort, you can at least take a small step and try to solve it.
Radwa Rostom, Alumni, Founder of Hand Over

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