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Teaching Experts are inspiring and experienced personalities who teach specific content relevant to the DO School Labs. Teaching Experts usually lead interactive workshops or take the Fellows on excursions to learn hands-on about a wide variety of topics and values. Teaching Experts are often connected in some way to the Challengers, although this is not a requirement.

Adrienne Morgan Hammond, The DO School Expert
Adrienne Morgan Hammond Singer
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Alexander Jamil Founder, SportJobs
Andreas Zeitner, The DO School MENTOR
Andreas Zeitner ECE
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Antonio G.M. La Viña Ateneo School of Government
Attila von Unruh
Attila von Unruh von Unruh & Team
Birgit Schunke, The DO School MENTOR
Birgit Schunke Social Project Companion/ Heldenrat
Brooks Atwood
Brooks Taliaferro Atwood POD Design – Creative Interventionist
Christina Veldhoen, The DO School Expert
Christina Veldhoen Rock your Life!
Christine Christianus, The DO School Expert
Christine Christianus State Opera Orchestra
Christoph Ebenthal, The DO School Expert
Christoph Ebenthal Nestwerk e.V.
Claudia Henke, The DO School Expert
Claudia Henke claheiten gbr
Dr. Claudia Rinke, The DO School MENTOR
Claudia Rinke Strategy Consultant
Daniel Kruse, The DO School Expert
Daniel Kruse Wigwam GmbH
Dr. Georg Maue
Dr. Georg Maue First Secretary Climate & Energy Policy, German Embassy, Washington, DC
Eva Biallis, The DO School Expert
Eva Biallis Musikkindergarden HH
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Federico Bogdanowicz Jane Goodall Institute
Frank Markowitsch, The DO School Expert
Frank Markowitsch Conductor
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Hagen Schäfer Lokal 1, Hamburg
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Hans Helmut Poppendiek Herbarium Hamburgense
Heiko Franken, The DO School Expert
Heiko Franken Consultant
Helga Rothfuss, The DO School EXPERT
Helga Rothfuss BMW
Henning Prox, The DO School Expert
Henning Prox Travelbeyond
Holger de Vries, The DO School Expert
Holger de Vries TriBühne HH
Isabelle Heiss, The DO School Expert
Isabelle Heiss Music Educator
DO School expert Jan van der Hagen
Jan van der Hagen DEDON
Joana Breidenbach, The DO School Expert
Joana Breidenbach Founder Betterplace
Johanna Kauer, The DO School Expert
Johanna Kauer Deutsche Bahn AG
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Jonny Kreuter Singer
Julia Ries, The DO School Expert
Julia Ries Set and Costume Designer
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Julia Wöhrle KickFair
Jürgen Forkel-Schubert, The DO School Expert
Jürgen Forkel-Schubert Urban Development & Environmental Authority
Katharina Binhack, The DO School Expert
Katharina Binhack AgenZ
Katrin Kretschmer, The DO School Expert
Katrin Kretschmer Sozialsport e.V.
Kim Moke, The DO School Expert
Kim Moke StageSchool
Laura Mari i Barrajaón, The DO School Expert
Laura Mari i Barrajaón IEi Inteligencia Emocional Interpersonal
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Lorenz Knauer Filmmaker
Luc Opdebeeck, The DO School Expert
Luc Opdebeeck
Maria Willer, The DO School Expert
Maria Willer Classic Radio Hamburg
Martin Netter, The DO School Expert
Martin Netter Vocal Coach
Matthias von Hülsen, The DO School
Matthias von Hülsen Mecklenburg Vorpommern Festival
Matthias Zuber, The DO School Expert
Matthias Zuber Polyeides medienkontor
Michael Rademacher, The DO School Expert
Michael Rademacher HeidelbergCement Group
Michael Oenning, The DO School
Michael Oenning Soccer Coach
Mollie Naber, The DO School MENTOR
Mollie Naber Economic Development Consultant
Monica Lieschke, The DO School Expert
Monica Lieschke Jane Goodall Institute
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Nadine Ritzi KickFair
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Nils Krause DLA Piper
Nina Fischer, The DO School EXPERT
Nina B. Fischer Coach
Patrick Schewe, The DO School Expert
Patrick Schewe Youth Sport Association, HH
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Pheline Roggan Actress
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Rebekka Henrich Zweikampfverhalten
Richard H. Shriver, The DO School Expert
Richard H. Shriver R. Shriver Associates
Ruairi Nolan
Ruairi Nolan Head of Asia Programmes at Peace Direct
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Sonja van Diem Fred Tschanz Management AG
Sophie Schricker, The DO School MENTOR
Sophie Schricker Bureau Export de la Musique
Stefanie Klingel, The DO School
Stefanie Klingel Arche Warder
Stephan Römer
Stephan Römer 42DIGITAL GmbH
Sylvia Fritz, The DO School Expert
Sylvia Fritz Coach
Tanja Bohlmann, The DO School Expert
Tanja Bohlmann Tanja Bohlmann Project Management
Tara Golshan, The DO School Expert
Tara Golshan Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots
Thorsten Visbal, The DO School Expert
Thorsten Visbal VISBAL Unternehmensentwicklung
Tobias Wortmann
Tobias Wortmann INC Digital GmbH
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Ulrike Jungmair Mozarteum Salzburg
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Uta Lambertz Kampnagel
Headshot of TV presenter Valeska Homburg
Valeska Homburg TV Presenter