Cultural Entrepreneurship Challenge

Co-create ways to enable a modern Chinese cultural institution to gain additional revenue without compromising its core mission.

15 April 2016
26 to 29 Mai 2016
4 to 22 July 2016
By the DO School Innovation Lab GmbH

Cultural Entrepreneurship Challenge

The Challenge consists in co-creating and devising ways to enable a modern Chinese cultural institution to gain additional revenue without compromising its core mission. This result should be scalable to other institutions.

The Challenger

Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation (BCAF) is committed to bringing the appreciation and enjoyment of the arts to a greater number of people, by organizing extensive and dynamic philanthropic activities, creating a contemporary urban think tank that gathers creative ideas, and connecting art with a variety of other disciplines.

The Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation has been officially registered with Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau since 2008, and is governed by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture. BCAF is the only publicly funded foundation dedicated to contemporary art and urban culture.

Relevance of the Challenge

In order for new and established cultural institutions in China to stay on top of their task of supporting a creative and innovative society, they have to make good use of the full spectrum of funding and income opportunities. In other words, they face the dual task of generating new revenue while driving their core mission. Other international markets have already seen a variety of successful approaches in response to this conundrum – but what kind of approach is needed to tackle the specifics of Chinese cultural institutions?


Develop and pilot an innovative revenue opportunity/activity for a selected cultural institution in China that can be an example/made available to other institutions.

Quality Criteria

The solution has to leverage state-of-the-art approaches in business and technology so as to create maximum additional revenue for the institution concerned, whilst keeping the mission of the institution at the core of all activities. In fact, the best solution will create a synergy in which the additional activity directly promotes the core mission.


Out of all the possible aspects, the Challenge will focus on:

  • Testing current models such as Cultural Venture Philanthropy
  • Creating an innovative solution specific to the Chinese context
  • Leveraging business and tech best practices to promote cultural development

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