As VP Asia of the DO School, Mei has made it her mission to make the DO School a world-leading innovative educational institution by building institutional learning capabilities. Fusing a multidisciplinary academic research background with hands-on experience gained as a consultant in global strategy for Capgemini Consulting, Mei devotes herself to finding new ways for businesses to innovate and apply solutions to social issues.

After growing up in Bejing, China, Mei moved to the United Kingdom at the age of 21 where she also obtained her doctorate in Business Innovation and IT from the University of Edinburgh. In addition to her research on the evolution journey of high-tech products, Mei also completed two Masters degrees in Information System Development and Social Study of Science and Technology.

In her spare time, she enjoys long distance running and other outdoor sports. In keeping with her belief in “learning by doing” as a vital ingredient to any innovation cycle, Mei also claims to have a passion for creative cooking. However, we don’t know whether that’s a euphemism.