Harshita is responsible in managing the admission and selection process for all programs. She initially started her career in the field of corporate communication, until the opportunity came for her to work on the field of education management. 
Over the past 9 years, she has gathered her experience working in oil and gas industry, and telecommunications before tapping into the education field. She finished her Bachelor in Communication Study in her home country Indonesia and went to Madrid to study a Master in Corporate Communication. Since she finished her master degree, work opportunities and life in general lead her to live in Paris, Hamburg, Munich until she joined the DO School in their Berlin office. At the moment, Harshita splits her time between Hamburg and Berlin.
Harshita’s Indonesian cultural heritage is the source of her love for Asian food, and cited that if she ever has to live her life without eating chilli and spicy food that it would be the her biggest disappointment in life. She loves to cook, spicy food of course, while binged watching her favourite series. She is still trying to improve her Spanish skills and is now happy to say that she is no longer struggling with her German.