Passion: Humanity’s ability to implement change using creative, sustainable solutions combined with learning from dynamic cross-cultural influences and relationships.

Carolina is an experienced project manager and communications consultant who manages the media lab in the one year Entrepreneurship for Good program. Her background in international business and journalism studies, combined with a desire to encourage sustainability in business, puts her in good stead to support the fellows throughout their journey in Berlin.

With significant experience leading cross-border teams spanning 50 countries, Carolina thrives on learning from cultures and the stories of inspiring individuals from all over the world. Although Carolina is a long way from her original home in Australia, she is leaving her (ecologically-minded) footprints all over Europe, having lived in London, Paris, Hamburg and Berlin.

When she’s not training for the Berlin marathon (which is often), you will find Carolina in the kitchen cooking international cuisine for friends, at spoken word and poetry readings, tapping her toes to musical tunes, or globe trotting amongst locals.