Ahmed has a background in Electrical Engineering and has been working for the last 6 years as Marketing and Business Development Manager for BasharSoft, an Egyptian technology firm. His venture AAZER is a peer to peer coaching platform which gives people a chance to work together under one organisational umbrella and allows them to fight for a host of humanitarian causes.

Aazer.org is a web and mobile app where all of us invest $1-25 each month to change the lives of people we know every month. It is a new model where together we create a growing fund dedicated to direct actions from people to people. When joining AAZER, everyone puts in a monthly donation anywhere from 1 to 25 dollars. This will be the platform’s sustainable fund for solidarity initiatives. Solidarity initiatives are proposed by you and other members of AAZER themselves (by being part of AAZER, you can propose solidarity initiatives) Then, in a voting process that happens each month, all the members of AAZER vote on how to distribute the fund based on the most needed solidarity initiatives. Money is then distributed to top-voted solidarity initiatives until all the money available for the month is used.

Ahmed’s broad experience of recruiting and working with employees completed the group expertise of Human Resource Management.