Peace Challenge

Tell stories of local peace builders from around the world. 

Scilla Elworthy
By the DO School Deutschland gGmbH

Create an online campaign raising awareness about the work of peace builders worldwide.

During the Peace Challenge the Fellows worked together to develop methods of telling stories of local peace builders from around the world. We know that grassroots peace initiatives are springing up like mushrooms all over the planet, yet only a minute fraction of them are visible through popular media. Western media tends to focus on violence and conflict and our Fellows aimed to shift some perspective of that coverage.

Together with Scilla Elworthy and other Experts, the Fellows looked at various localized peace-building efforts, shared stories and experiences from their home countries, and learned how to analyze and evaluate them. Together with eminent leaders, they discussed innovative ways of compiling these stories into an online campaign aimed at raising awareness and support for peace-building initiatives. The Fellows created a website which promoted and shared stories from local peace builders around the globe.


In the first four weeks that the campaign had been active, the group had successfully published seventeen stories from international conflict zones. The website had received visitors from close to 90 different countries, and the initiative”s Facebook page “Peace Agents” had attracted just short of 6,000 followers.

Ultimately through their campaign the Fellows made a contribution to the work of countless peace builders, enabled people worldwide to share their methodologies for transforming conflicts, and told success stories to inspire the “culture of peace” that the United Nations has long wanted to build.

Most importantly, it is self-awareness at an individual level that can enable each person to wake up and do what's needed to ensure a future for us on this planet -- to change the world from the bottom up. And that's what they learned in this course
Scilla Elworthy, Challenger 2013, Noble Peace Prize Nominee

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