Packaging Challenge

Find Innovative ways to reduce waste and increase recycling.

Fact Sheet
By the DO School Deutschland gGmbH

The Challenge

Innovative ways to reduce waste and increase recycling along the transport routes of the fashion retailer H&M Germany.

With the Packaging Challenge we challenged the Fellows to create an innovative packaging system for one of H&M Germany’s product lines. The goal was to minimize waste and energy, optimize the handling process and create maximum recycling and upcycling opportunities along the way. The solution should aim to be globally scalable and economically viable. By taking a complete look at the supply chain, from shipping, to warehouse storage, to reaching the consumer market, this Challenge was an opportunity to develop a more efficient and environmentally friendly process that can be scaled for significant environmental impact.

It´s been eye-opening to have the insight of people who are experts in different fields and for them to give you snippets of the information that they hold
Hayley Bron, Fellow


Over ten weeks, the Fellows created a prototype for a new packaging system and process that was tested in deliveries between H&M’s distribution center for Germany and individual stores. Furthermore, they gained an in-depth look into a multi-national company.

The Fellows had the chance to interact with leading experts in the fields of packaging, reverse logistics, and sustainability, as well as meet H&M experts from those fields. They conducted research to identify and understand the status quo of H&M, and its vision of sustainability in the context of available best-practices regarding transport and logistics.

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