My Dream Home

A social business producing sustainable and cheap bricks to build houses for the poor.

My Dream Home
Kongngy Hav
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Kongngy Hav

Our Green Store Challenge alumni Kongngy Hav‘s project “My Dream Home” has been growing and making impact on more Cambodians lives each day. “I dream that one day in Cambodia, everyone could have access to a decent housing for a better quality of life” says Kongngy for explaning the main motivation behind his business.  

Since its foundation in 2013, “My Dream Home” has been producing high quality eco-friendly interlocking bricks to empower middle and low-income families as well as slum inhabitants in Cambodia to construct their own homes. The social business has developed and tested a brick prototype that is not only ecologically friendly but also about 50% cheaper than traditional bricks. Through a Lego-like system, constructing with these bricks is easy and less time-consuming, thus enabling poor families to build their own houses conveniently and at low cost.

Kongngy and My Dream Home won the first prize at a social enterprise competition organized by Small World and Gazaab Enterprise and have been introduced to a wider public in Cambodian national news.

Watch the interview, realised by New CITYzens, to learn more about My Dream Home, how it is sustained and how it creates impact!

Interview by Louise Andrieu and Nils Van Effenterre

The venture showed me that for each step and process of my brick production, I need to select sustainable raw materials, suppliers, team works. This is what I learned at the DO School
Kongngy Hav, Alumni, Founder of My Dream Home