H&M Packaging Challenge

The Challenge

H&M Germany challenged 20 fellows to reduce waste and energy during the retail process, optimize the handling process and create maximum recycling and upcycling opportunities along the way. The solution aimed to be globally scalable and economically viable.

H&M Germany is excited about the intense collaboration, working together with these young emerging entrepreneurs. Our whole company can now benefit from their ideas and input for innovative, scalable packaging solutions
Juliane Maschke, H&M Human Resources Department


Four innovative packaging solutions: KeyKlip, Tetris, Black Swan and Smart Pack that are good for:

The Planet

Save over 60’000 tons of paper, 500’000 gallons of water, 35’000 kilograms of CO2 emissions.

The People

Facilitate handling process for sales team and customers.

The Price

Program costs recovered within a year alone by implementing the innovative solutions.


Measured during a one-week testing phase at the end of the ten-week Incubation Phase, delivering goods from warehouse to H&M stores. Although the testing took place in Germany, the solutions can be scaled to suppliers worldwide for maximum impact.