The DO School


Alana Range
Alana Range Course Manager Media Lab
The DO School TEAM Anika Horn
Anika Horn Course Manager Venture Lab
Anna Baumgart
Anna Baumgart Administration
Ella Fletcher
Ella Fletcher Program
Fabian Flohr
Fabian Flohr Project Coordination & Admissions
Farai Chideya
Farai Chideya Course Manager Media Lab
company president Florian Hoffmann
Florian Hoffmann Founder
Media Lab manager henning rieseweber
Henning Rieseweber Course Manager Media Lab
Jessica Mader
Jessica Mader Communications
Katherin Kirschenmann, Planning and Strategic Development
Katherin Kirschenmann CEO, The DO School, Inc.
Katherine Lynch
Katherine Lynch Program Coordinator
Lucio Rossi Course Manager Challenge Lab
Communications Director marie steinhoff
Marie Steinhoff Communications Director
COO of the DO School Mei Wang
Mei Wang Chief Operating Officer
The DO School's finance officer petra vaessen
Petra Vaessen Finance and Administration Officer
freelance communication designer and photographer Robert Suppee
Robert Suppé Freelance Communication Designer
romy kramer, venture lab program director
Romy Krämer Program Director Venture Lab
Program Director rouven ramon steinfeld
Rouven Ramon Steinfeld Program Head
Scott Francisco
Scott Francisco Course Manager Challenge Lab
Freelance Art Director Sibylle Dorr
Sibylle Dorr Freelance Art Director