The DO School

About Us

Welcome to the DO School, an innovative educational organization offering learning experiences that create real global impact.

The DO School offers training, mentoring, and education for outstanding emerging social entrepreneurs to kickstart their own ventures all around the world.

We offer a unique One-Year Program that enables talented young adults to launch their own innovative and sustainable social ventures. The program allows our Fellows to learn from passionate peers, engage with current leaders and experts, and create change by implementing their social ventures in their home countries.

We have created a one-of-a-kind platform where experienced individuals can share their knowledge in a fun and effective way, helping to inspire positive change through teaching. The DO School is a place where innovative ideas are born and then implemented through the application of the DO School method, an idea-focused, results-driven, hands-on curriculum.

In addition to our educational program, we have established the DO School Innovation Lab. This is a branch of the DO School which offers workshops and trainings to companies, educational institutions, and governmental agencies to help them to develop novel and socially conscious ideas that tackle a wide variety of challenges. Profits generated from the DO School Innovation Lab are used to sponsor Fellowships for the DO School’s educational program.

We believe that

Education should help prepare young people to face the challenges that come with our complex and increasingly globalized world. The time when higher education had to aim solely at the transfer of knowledge is over. Today, we need to support young adults to find the motivation and skills to take action and create change.

The DO School Fellows brainstorming social enterprise ideas

We need to educate the next generation to successfully handle complexity as well as shape the future. Much of current higher education does not do this. This is why we started the DO School. The world faces many challenges. We need passionate innovators - people who add value to whatever it is they do - and we need to create sustainable answers to local challenges. The DO School educates the next generation of leaders to become active social entrepreneurs, reflect on important values, and leave a positive impact on their communities, and countries. Supporting talented young adults in the process of turning their great ideas into meaningful ventures, regardless of their socioeconomic or educational background, is a vital component of the DO School's educational model. Leaders need platforms enabling them to pass on their experience and knowledge and inspire the next generation. These platforms needs to account for busy lifestyles, and provide an interactive, efficient, and most importantly fun way for leaders to do this.