The DO School

About Us


Our programs provide the skills and values needed to solve today’s challenges and create lasting innovation.

The DO School trains outstanding individuals and works with leading organizations on how to turn ideas into action through a rigorous method, real-life application and a blended approach that creates a global network of DOers.

DO School programs focus on two points in particular: developing innovative ideas that create change and honing in on the entrepreneurial skills and values that allow for an effective implementation of those ideas. The way from idea to action is incorporated in the DO School method and supports participants in developing ideas, testing them, planning them out and most importantly making them happen. The DO School programs fill a niche in providing crucial hands-on 21st century skills to start-up entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs alike. As time is limited and experience the best teacher our formats are based on real life challenges in order to provide the most effective training and education that creates measurable impact.

The DO School’s programs blend intense on-campus training with effective and fun online learning opportunities. Our online platform connects innovators and entrepreneurial minded individuals across 60 countries thus creating a quickly growing global network. Our curriculum is curated to provide experienced experts the opportunity to share their knowledge so that it creates impact.

Which competencies do you need? The world faces many challenges. In order to be effective, we need to think about the role we want to play in it and acquire the skills that help us deal with change successfully. Every organization needs passionate innovators – people who add value to whatever it is they do – and who create sustainable answers to big challenges. The DO School equips individuals and teams to think and behave entrepreneurially, reflect on important values, and leave a positive impact on their organization and community.

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