We empower you to do Good Business

We believe in Good Business.

The world today confronts us with many challenges. But when great ideas are brought to life, we can transform even the toughest challenges into opportunities.

That is why we believe in good business. Business that is good for everybody. It is profitable, humane, sustainable. It takes fresh ideas and new perspectives. And the capacity to bring them to life.

The DO School creates experiential learning programs centered around innovation and implementation skills. With the DO School Method and our wide network of experts, we empower companies and individuals to turn their ideas into action and make good business a reality.


The DO School Method 

We designed the DO School Method to take you from ideation to implementation in four steps. A comprehensive entrepreneurial toolkit, the DO School Method endows you with the resources to conceive, test, and refine an idea and – most importantly – to turn it into action.

No matter how big or small your project, the DO School Method is scalable and can be applied in any strategic or stakeholder context. Whether you’re working on your start-up venture or just looking to redesign your boardroom, with the DO School Method you are guaranteed a hands-on result.

Doing Good Business for individuals and organizations means having the skills needed to create entrepreneurial innovation. This way of creating impact is one key element in facing our many global challenges.
Florian Hoffmann, Founder


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