Thank you!

Thank you - global community of DOer´s –for the amazing amount of innovation and impact we created together in 2016. Through the DO School you tackled over 30 Challenges, empowered more than 1300 individuals, enabled your organizations to get future ready, and tackled some of today´s most relevant issues.

Empowering companies to reach sustainability targets

Empowering businesses to reach their sustainability targets through breakthrough technology sounds like a big ask — but that’s exactly what the DO School and UNGC accomplished together. Ole Lund Hansen from UN Global Compact explains how their collaboration with the DO School accelerated “the transformation of business”.


“I value the DO School support”

Angela Gallenz H&M Germany’s HR Manager explains why the DO School Method “is a really successful method from which we profit greatly,” how the DO School supports H&M in “actually implementing initiatives – making things happen in daily life” and how collaborating with the DO School’s students “gives us great pride and so much inspiration.”



“You will get the best results”

As the CEO of Messe Berlin, Christian Göke’s company faces many challenges from globalization and digitalization. He explains how the Fellows of the Connection Challenge came up with one solution - a Q&A platform using artificial and crowdsourced intelligence to offer expert advice to businesses - that prompted his company to take trade fairs into the digital age. As Göke says "innovation requires the combination of knowledge, energy, and creative spark."

Read more about the Connection Challenge for Messe Berlin’s pitch night and winners.



“Profee” isn’t just a tool, but the solution to integrating thousands of refugees into Germany’s workforce. This  revolutionary app-based tool was developed by refugees themselves, who used their unique perspective and experiences to deduce how best to connect employers with skilled refugees. Find out how the app works and how to get involved in its exciting development journey here.


Top 25 Egyptian entrepreneurs

With their first B2B customer confirmed, an organic supermarket chain looking for upcycled shopping bags, Fellows Yara and Rania with their venture UpFuse are well on their way to being among the first successful upcycling businesses in Egypt. Congrats!


Fueling innovation with Daimler

20 entrepreneurs joined forces with Daimler employees and a diverse group of expert practitioners from all over the globe during 3 days to experience how diversity and co-creation can fuel innovation and ideation processes. Read more about our DOathon.


“It’s about making an impact”

Tara Golshan, Education Director at Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots, came to the DO School as expert for our Education Challenge Africa. Read her full interview here.


Addressing youth unemployment in Zimbabwe

Wilma Chibonore from the Future of Work Challenge created a skills incubation hub for upcoming social entrepreneurs in Harare, Zimbabwe. Continued support throughout the business implementation phase will be offered and as main goal young people will be empowered to earn an income whilst also improving their communities through their business ventures.


supporting NEW YORK’S WORKSPACE Entrepreneurs

1 problem, 2 solutions! The solutions to sustain and expand access to entrepreneurial opportunities across New York City were developed by students from 10 different schools with our Innovate NYC Program. Former U.S. Under Secretary of Education Martha Kanter and Kathleen D. Warner (NYC Economic Development Corporation) stopped by to support and encourage participants and the students involved in the program gave it a rave review.

Read more about Innovate NYC’s DO Phase and Gathering #3 here.



As a creative director who counts Axel Springer and Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts as former clients and has two decades of experience in the industry, Jork Andre Dieter isn’t easy to impress. But when asked to describe mentoring at the DO School, this was the phrase Dieter opted for. In this interview, Dieter describes why teaching our Fellows was so exhilarating after teaching at universities and why “I get more back than I give.”



As they leave high school, Solving young people’s problem of figuring out what their passion ismany young people seek opportunities to find their passion., To guide them on this path, H&M and the DO School collaborated to create 24YOU., which This program gives recent high school graduates a first glimpse into the world of work. The program24YOU tackles the gap between education and employment by giving participants practical, hands-on experience on a training program for recent graduates: 24YOU. The program empowered the German high school graduates by giving them practical, hands-on experience as they designed the opportunity to design an app for one of the biggest retailers in the world.



Designing the future of work

Up to 50% of jobs will be transformed by digitalization in the next 10 years. Inspiring employees to thrive during this coming transformation of the workplace is tricky— but it’s a challenge that the DO School’s collaboration with H&M solved with gusto, developing two solutions. Check out their detailed video showcasing on their results!


Easing hospital stays for children in China

By developing a way for hospitals to reach a wider public, 16 participants helped the Children Hospital Environment Improvement Social Initiative find new revenue streams. And that wasn’t all — the Leading For Impact Tsinghua participants’ solution also meant more art and excitement in children’s lives. The result? Some very happy students and highly creative prototypes.


“I was so moved, I had to catch my breath”

The DO School’s Venture Lab Director, Phillip Tettenborn explains how Pitch Night functions as “the transition” between the DO School “and the real world out there” and how the two winning ideas show how “such different people succeed through passion, commitment, and following their unique talent.”


Fellow Ryan Gersava featured in Bloomberg TV

With his venture Virtualahan, Connection Challenge Ryan trains and employs disadvantaged individuals to work online as virtual assistants, giving them a chance to enter the job market in the Philippine. A project that can change lives and which was featured in Bloomberg TV.


Inc Magazine features the DO School

Asking whether the DO School’s approach to co-creation and skill-building ought to be the future for cities confronting Challenge, Inc Magazine gave recognition to our new Innovate City program.  Piloted in 2016 for the City of New York, this program brings together students from across a city’s higher education landscape to leverage diversity and millennial energy to create and implement solutions.  In 2017 this program will continue in NYC and looks to expand to other cities around the world.


Land der Ideen Award

The DO School won the German government’s Land of Ideas award for outstanding institutions that drive innovation in Germany. An award that was celebrated in truly DO School fashion on our Berlin campus with a laudatory speech by Evelyn Grosser from Deutsche Bank.


Building sustainable housing in under-resourced communities

As the founder of Hand Over, Fellow Radwa builds resilient, durable and sustainable buildings in under-resourced communities in Cairo, by working with architecture and civil engineering students, graduates and local residents. Watch her video!